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Vitto food 100%
  • It’s easy to express your italian side.

  • It’s easy to express your italian side.

  • It’s easy to express your italian side.

  • Launching 2024
  • Launching 2024
  • Launching 2024
  • Launching 2024
  • Launching 2024

With fresh, bold flavours, Vitto makes it easy to express your Italian side.

Putting the ‘essential‘ in quintessential Italian food, Vitto is on a mission to empower and inspire the UK to easily cook and eat like an Italian.

Combining traditional, authentic Italian recipes, with the latest innovation in food products, Vitto is spreading the joy of everyday homecooked Italian food, without the time and cost commitment. 

  • Pasta

    The delicious, comforting shapes of home cooking

    Made from delicious durum wheat, ripened and harvested in Italy, the satisfying comfort of a bowl of Vitto pasta, slathered in sauce, will become a household favourite.

  • Pasta Sauces

    Italian pasta sauces that you know and love

    The Vitto pasta sauce range is made up of a wide variety of well-known favourites.

    They are prepared according to traditional Italian recipes, giving them an authentic, homemade taste.

  • Tomato products

    The perfect base for creating a variety of delicious Italian inspired food

    Italian tomatoes are a culinary hallmark that is appreciated worldwide, renowned for their vibrant colour and sweet taste.

    The Vitto range of tomato products elevate countless recipes with the sweet, red, tang, synonymous with Italian cuisine.

  • Soups

    The perfect grab-and-go lunch pot

    Vitto’s variety of instant soup pots are a handy lunch option, for when you are in a hurry, but still want to enjoy something satisfying, delicious and simple.

  • Snacks

    Something to nibble on

    The Italians have perfected the art of an aperitivo – a drink and a snack, enjoyed before a meal. The Vitto snacks are delicious on their own or provide a perfect pairing, whatever your tipple of choice.

  • Sweets

    Irresistible sweet treats

    The indulgent Vitto chocolate range will satisfy that sweet tooth craving, or why not recreate a decadent Italian classic, a tiramisu, with our ladyfinger biscuits. Either way, there’s always room for dessert!

  • Olive oil

    A quintessentially Italian essential, for all kinds of meals

    The green-gold elixir that Italy is famous for, used for cooking, dressing, enriching, glazing and enhancing any dish it is used in.

    Vitto olive is sourced, pressed and preserved to capture the most delicate, balanced flavour.

  • Seasonal Specialities

    Add a touch of Italian tradition to any festive special occasion

    The best part of any festive special occasion is sharing delicious food with loved ones. Vitto makes it easy to add a touch of Italian tradition to the occasion, with our delicious Panettone and Pandoro range.

  • Free From

    ‘Free from’ shouldn’t mean free from flavour or enjoyment

    Delicious, authentic Italian food should be able to be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of dietary requirements, which is why we created the Vitto ‘Free From’ range.

  • Ingredients

    Taking your Italian inspired cooking, back to basics

    Get back to basics with the Vitto ingredients range, keeping your cupboards stocked and your stomachs full. We source essential ingredients like flour and eggs, to make it easy to express your Italian side.



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