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Products Category: Pasta Sauces

Tomato & Basil

Pasta sauce featuring the classic flavour combination of tangy tomato and fragrant basil. Simple and delicious, a real crowd pleaser.


The perfect balance of tomato, garlic and red chillis combines in this sauce, to add a deliciously piquant twist to pasta dishes


A rich tomatoey base for a Bolognese, add to meat or veggies to create the perfect, comforting bowl of one of the nations favourite dishes, ‘spag bol’.


A smooth, creamy, indulgent sauce, great with pasta on its own, or layered in a more complex dish like a lasagne

Red Pesto

You can almost taste the sun that the tomatoes have enjoyed in every deep, rich, red, tangy bite of pasta, covered in our red pesto

Green Pesto

A rich combination of herby vibrance from basil mixed with the cheesy saltiness of Grana Padano, adds a touch of green and gourmet to your pasta